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She is known as the Maiden Goddess, the Huntress and the Greek Goddess of the Moon. Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo. The different colors within the pendant is what sung when naming this piece because of all that she is known for. She was a protector of young women, a saint of child birth, Mistress of animals and of course her most widely known attribute of being the goddess of the moon. With so many different attributes, the colors, shapes and different textures create a pendant that appears to have been made to celebrate Lady Artemis herself. the pendant is hung on a 14 inch nylon cord and is waiting to worn by you to show all that is special about you!

Artemis Pendants

SKU: N001
  • All jewelry has a three month warranty if broken. If you choose to have it fixed or replaced, a shipping label will be sent to you. Send it back, the piece will either be remade or fixed and will be shipped back free of charge. Refunds will only be given within the three weeks after received (perceived arrival date). If piece is damaged, pictures of the damaged piece should be provided. After pictures are produced, a full refund will be given. All overseas (non-US) purchases will be refunded in full if lost in transit and reported after perceived arrival time. . 

  • Items in stock will be shipped out next day and should arrive with 1 week after purchase. Items that are made to order, there will a processing (making) period of 3-5 days and then will be mailed out. All purchases made and shipped within the US, should arrive with 2-5 business days after processing. You will receive an email once your purchase has shipped. 

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