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2005-2009 Greenport High School

2009-2013 Elmira College


Grants & Awards 

2008 - Stonybrook University SeaWolf Project: Best Town Representation Award

2009 - Elmira College Founders's Scholarship

2013 - Elimra College Mrs. Ryon Sweeney Award


Exhibitions & Festivals

2010 - 2013: Elmira College Student Exhibition, Fall & Spring

2013: Elmira College Senior Art Show



2013- Callisophia

Samantha Reed

Raised in Greeport, NY.

Lives and works in the Medford, NY area.


I'm a small town girl with a major appreciation and passion for all things artistic and creative. Though I specialize in painting and drawing, I've dabbled in ceramics, printmaking, and wood work art wise, along with writing and various music related hobbies. I'm an athlete and love to play and watch sports as well. My love for ancient history, mythology and living on the water are at the core of all things that I create, coupled with the experiences and values that I hold dear. Whether I'm painting, working on a new short story or just simply getting back to my roots and enjoying a day to simply break out crayons and a coloring book, my life has revolved in and around my art and creative abilities. I create out loud and take no crap, and lay out my heart on my paint covered sleeves. Every piece I produce is apart of me. So hi! Welcome to my world and my journey through this life. 

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